2 years





Mia Belline's Braveheart


Name:      Senne

Born : Gender:




Heer Balou vd Prince Berners

Mother: CH. Pia v Sauerländer Tor


Passed with excellent


HD-A   ED-00   OCD-free

DM : Exon 1 : n/n  Exon 2 : a/a

MH :


DNA : Certified


Senne is born in Germany, from a litter of 9. He has 3 brothers and 5 sister.

I deliberately chose this bloodline because of his longevity.

He is an easy going lovely and very friendly male with a balanced character.

Senne loves his daily walks and is always a happy boy.

Senne is 67 cm big and has a powerful movement , he is very good angulated,has heavy bone, he has a deep chest and a strong back. His coat is long and as black as can be.

On  august the 14th 2021 he passed the test for  bevaviour. He is tested by 2 judges to be a social and friendly dog.


I can proudly present Senne as stud as he comes from a wonderful healthy bloodline with a very high longevity.






The pedigree :

Heer Balou vd Prince Berners

HD/A  ED/00


CH.Int. Georgeous Mc Gregor v Rummelsbach

HD/A  ED/00

aod; 11,2

CH.NL. Famous Benn vd Buut vrij Hoeve

HD/A  ED/00  aod 11,2

CH.Fin. Maroussia Esprit

HD/AB  ED/01  aod 8,1

Feline vd Prince Berners

HD/A  ED/00

aod; 10,6

Terre vd Weyenberg

HD/A  ED/00   aod 9,1

Carmen vd Prince Berners

HD/A  ED/00   aod 9,7

Ch.Ger. Pia vom Sauerländer Tor

HD/A  ED/00

born: 08-11-2017 alive

CH.Ger.Mayson vd Kukesburg

HD/A  ED/00

 aod 7 (borreliose)

Hoomer Simpson v Gränzeg

HD/A  ED/00   aod 9,3

Jette vd Kuckesburg

HD/A  ED/00   aod 10,10

Kenja v Sauerländer Tor

HD/A  ED/00

born: 26-11-2013 alive

Kronblommas Nabucco

VHD/A  ED/00   aod 6,3

CH.Alana v Sauerländer Tor

 HD/B  ED/00   aod 10,9

update 25-12-2022 / aod: age of death






Hamminkeln (De)





Mss. Heike Schraven

10-7-2022 Neuss 1 CAC Excellent Intermed.  Mr. Georg Roth



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