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HD-A1  ED-0/0  OCD-0/0


CH.Hassan van 't Maroyke


Halexandra Easy Living




Jenson is our male, he is a always in a good mood, cheerful and very affectionate dog, he loves everyone and everything interesting and is not pushy, he is calm and quiet but can also enjoy a long walk, Jenson is happy with his "girls" he loves to play and is also a comfy pillow to sleep on. He's a very big sweet teddy bear.

Jenson is an impressive male (68cm in height, 58kg), he has a friendly expression, is heavy built, huge chest (110cm), lots of bone, straight back, expressive masculine head, well angulated and well muscled. He has a beautiful movement, powerful with plenty of drive.

Jenson has passed the test sociabilisation on
February 19, 2012

Jenson lives with Diana and Ludo.


He comes from very nice bloodlines, lots of long life and health, from parents with strong characters, his grandmother Enikita Easy Living, therapy dog. Okkie von Ramac, Babushka Easy Living, Jo', Tristan von Bernerliebe and Arrkan van't Maroyke have put a big stamp on his character. We are very proud of our boy!