2 jaar


           Unique Baronnella



Born :        8 febr.2021    




HD/A  ED/0


One for all von Romanshof

Mother: CH.Nikita Baronnella


 passed succesfully



Here she is, our Unique, she is from a litter off 4 sisters and 3 brothers. We call her Looney.

She has a great pedigree with many beautiful ancestors, each of which is unique in itself.

Looney is a sweet girl and very intelligent, she is always happy and likes to cuddle whole day.

She loves our daily walks and she has this typical charakter to say Hi to everybody, such a sweet girl .

On January 22th Looney passed the test for social bevaviour.

I am very grateful to Jaroslava for this beautiful girl !










15 weeks

5 months

The pedigree

One for all von Romanshof

HD/A  ED/00

CH.Int Erato Hard River

HD/A  ED/00  aod:8,6

        CH.Int .Funatic Taittinger                HD/A  ED/00  aod: 7,10

CH.Pl,Lt Dolce Vita Bersett

HD/C  ED/00  aod: 9,6

CH.Int. Daenerys Targaryen von Romanshof

HD/A  ED/00  born 2015, still alive

CH.Int. Let's go forward del Molinasco

HD/A  ED/00 born 2014 ,still alive

  CH.Balk, Milbu Yara for Romanshof       HD/A  ED/00  aod:5,4
CH.Cz Nikita Baronnella

HD/A  ED/00

CH.Cz,Sk. Elenberner Bravo Baronello

HD/A  ED/00  born 2013, still alive

         Ch.Int Southcourt Quebranto               HD/A  ED/00  aod:8,1
CH.Sp .Infinity Z Deikowej Dolony         HD/A  ED/00   born 2010, still alive
Deina Baronnella

HD/A  ED/00  aod:8,6

        CH.Int. Artus Bermondo Bohemia             HD/A  ED/00  aod:7,6
         Ch.vet Akela Cerny Baron                     HD/A  ED/00  aod:11,7

update 4 /6 / 2022




Utrecht (NL)


Very good

Intermediate class

Mr. Dick Baars ( NL)



One for all von Romanshof             

Nikita Baronnella